There are dozens and dozens of parks within Seattle city limits – here are a handful to explore the next time you need a break from the city.


The first in a series of places and things that I really, really like. First stop, the sweetest spots in all of Seattle!


Other than breathing and eating (a non-exclusive list), I did something else every day for a full year. Time well spent!


The first of many memorable meals in Guatemala, set in a convenience store and starring one of the most beloved of Antigüeñas.


A video goodbye to my life in the Dordogne – how peaceful, and bucolic, and picturesque it was!


A Tour de Nontron, the town where I taught English, sweated nervously in front of youths, and wandered aimlessly for hours.


Dieux de TAPIF, « Donnez-moi la sérénité d’accepter les choses que je ne puis changer… » and the problem with thinking ahead.


A “Pie Ride” you say? Why yes, I will brave a cold Washington winter morning for the promise of pie. Mhm!


Planes, trains, automobiles…and did I mention trains? Phillip and I decide to switch up our mode of transport for a quick trip up north.


A brief reflection on the most novel events to take place during the past year, with a promise of more of the unfamiliar in 2015.


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