Hi there, 2016

As Justin Bieber croons: “Is it too late now to say sorry?” Blog, you’ve been on my mind more than ever, but you’ve been hopelessly abandoned for a good six months. Such is not my wish. Sorry, bloggy.

Contrary to the school of thought that “If it isn’t on instagram, it didn’t happen,” I actually have been doing things, every day in fact, despite the radio silence around here. Speaking of instagram, I’ve got a hugely underwhelming one myself now – late to the party seems to be my modus operandi (see months old Bieber reference above).

So here’s hoping that I can inject some life back in to my blog. As I am sure that so many are ready to wax nostaligic for 2015, here’s a recap of the year about which I blogged nary a day!


January – Hardly a week after moving from Washington to California, we hopped on a plan for Guatemala and spent a month stumbling around the country. We enrolled in intensive Spanish lessons, bumped down dirt roads, and looked forward to our morning serving of platanos fritos.


February – Stateside and squatting at my parents house (thanks ma and pa!), we escaped the suburban sprawl by bike, with trips into San Francisco for Chinese humbao and other snacks, and a jaunt to Napa for wine-tasting while dodging bachelorette party buses.


March – We zipped up to Seattle to celebrate Phillip’s brother marriage – a lovely ceremony at the courthouse followed by dinner and dancing. Perfect! We even managed to squeeze in a stop at the Tulip Festival and a hike up to the Oyster Dome, some Pacific Northwest favorites.


April – At the tail end of our long weekend in Seattle, we found out that we had secured the (one! and only!) apartment to which we had applied. We were moved in to our new spot in Oakland by the beginning of the month, and started exploring our new neighborhood right away. (Note: the heroin-chic set-up in the above photo was only a brief decorative choice while we purchased a bedframe.)


May – After a month-long search, I started a new job, celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday with a Korean feast and two (and a half!) of the most wonderful people – our first guests in Oakland! We showed them the sites and made them promise to come back.


June – We stayed pretty local this month, spending many a sunny afternoon getting to know our neighborhood; its restaurants, its coffee shops, its library, farmers’ market, and parks. Turns out there is plenty to appreciate, and plenty more to discover.


July -In the heat of summer, Phillip and I took many a bike ride, the best (and hottest) of which was to a town with the coldest name (Winters). Then there wasn’t much time to catch a breath before I flew out to see a friend in Colorado for hiking, fancy cocktails, and some light altitude sickness.


August – Making the most of our weekends off, Phillip and I stayed in our saddles and made tracks all over town. Despite its hot temps, we couldn’t resist another trip to the Sacramento Valley for a long ride along the American River and a refreshing dip at the end!


September – Not yet ready to give up the last days of summer, we took a weekend in Tehama County for a wedding and tacked on a day and half for a bonus trip into Lassen Volcanic National Park with Phillip’s sister.


October – Phillip’s first niece was born in early September, so we jumped at the chance to visit with her up in Washington. And typical of her ma’ and pa’, we spent the time getting to know her on a whirlwind weekend trip to Walla Walla – my first time in Eastern Washington.


November – Phillip and I celebrated Thanksgiving three times over this season; once with my parents in California, once with our Seattle gang, and once with Phillip’s family in Bellingham. Oh, and of course we made time for another pie ride (“when in Whatcom…”).


December – To close out the end of 2015, I had the bright idea to welcome in 2016 in an unheated canvas tent for two nights in Yosemite National Park. Bracing for the cold and bracing for the new year! How’s that for a metaphor! Phillip and his sister decided to join in, so we cross-country skiied, hiked, and huddled around an electric kettle for warmth.

And 2016 is shaping up to be a good one, too! But first, feel free to check out 2014’s review here, a hello from 2013, and the best of 2012 and 2011. Time sure does fly!


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