I will never turn down an opportunity to eat good sushi.  One last night in Victoria, and I knew exactly what I wanted.  And even better than that, I found exactly what I wanted right on the edge of Chinatown. If I didn’t think it was so silly to say that something was fated to happen, I’d have to say that I was meant to walk into Tamami Sushi on 14 May. It might have been closing night, but the sushi was so, so  good.  Tamami is a really cute place, with a dedicated chop stick wall for the regulars … Continue reading Sayōnara


Now it may seem that my birthday was nothing more than a gastronomic decathlon (and all right, maybe it was), but I also made sure to see some sites.  And if you’re in Victoria, you’ll probably end up at Butchart Gardens.  And when you do, you’ll probably be glad you did, because it’s absolutely beautiful! Of course, it’s good if you’re in the mood to look at a lot of different flowers. Should you have allergies, don’t worry, they sell all your favorite antihistamines at the gate! I’d be hard-pressed to find many other twenty-one year olds celebrating a birthday … Continue reading Butchart

Oh, Victoria!

Now that I’ve just finished a French paper, which, despite my best efforts, probably didn’t turn out too well, I can get back to last weekend’s visit with my parents. After that wonderful sandwich, we hopped on a ferry.  I took a little nap, got seasick (happy birthday to me), and accidentally helped my parents smuggle half a bag of mixed nuts into Canada.  But at least we made it to Victoria! It was sunny and warm and good for strolling.  The night that we arrived, we stopped for dinner at Il Terrazzo, which was delicious beyond all reason.  Really … Continue reading Oh, Victoria!