Tomales Bay

I’m not normally in the habit of driving two hours for lunch, but on Thursday, a couple of friends (Marissa and Irene!) and I packed a picnic and headed out to Tomales Bay to try some fresh, raw oysters – a delicacy that I had been told we would either love or hate.  But gee, just look at them!  Who wouldn’t want to polish off  a couple dozen of these…

…ick (this was my first one!).  Somehow I managed to slurp down eight before deciding that I did not wish to eat any more, ever again.  The taste is hard to describe, but if you’ve ever had the misfortune of swallowing a mouthful of sea water, then you’re close to understanding what it’s like.  The texture?  Hmmm…but that being said, both Marissa and Irene really loved them and they certainly were fresh (plucked from the bay that morning)!

The day wasn’t a slimy, salty disappointment, though.  We had plenty of other tasty things to eat, and Tomales Bay turned out to be a really lovely place to spend the afternoon!