C’est bien fait pour ta pomme!

Buttery, flaky, sweet, fruity – To eat well in France? Why, it’s as American as apple pie! Continue reading C’est bien fait pour ta pomme!


Pastelería española

I’ll admit.  I’m completely spoiled in France when it comes to pastries.  But, being a considerate person of infinite curiosity, I was more than willing to give Spanish pastries a try.  So here are a few pictures of my conquests! Then one morning I picked up this cinnamon sugary-looking treat. But looks can be deceiving.  I took a bite, hoping for something sweet and nutty, but instead, tasted nothing but…pork.  Qué?  Yes, that’s right, pork!  How odd!  At first my parents didn’t believe me, but my dad took a bite and concluded, “yep, that’s chitterlings.”  Oh, as if it being … Continue reading Pastelería española

A study in sweets, pt. 2

Though it has been a long time since my first study in sweets, hopefully this international edition does not disappoint!  These dulces were from Horno San Buenaventura, though unfortunately, I never learned their names, as I ordered them by desperately pointing.  Sí, sí, sí! The plan was to each choose a pastry and then share.  I chose the pink one, and it was wonderful, though they all were, really.  Much different than the sweets I’m used to in France (I’m spoiled), but a lot of fun to eat on the steps of the Archivo General de Indias on a sunny … Continue reading A study in sweets, pt. 2

La Côte sauvage, pt.2

Third on the list was Guérande.  I visited its cité médiévale, which really offered everything that I could have wanted a cité médiévale to offer – cobblestones, beautiful ironwork and crêpes (au sucre, au chocolat et au caramel à la fleur de sel).  Lovely. But I think I was most excited about visiting La Brière, a national park with its characteristic thatched roofs and green, green marshland.  On this trip, I only was able to visit Bréca, but as La Brière is so close by, I think come springtime I’d like to make another trip back to see more!  I … Continue reading La Côte sauvage, pt.2