A study in sweets, pt. 4

I passed by a really lovely pastry shop at the end of my day in Pornic and decided to go in and buy something I’d been wanting to try for months…Macarons!  I had seen them at plenty of shops in Nantes, but hadn’t ever walked away with anything more than a pain au chocolat or a tarte aux pommes.  But these macarons from Gavet just looked too good to pass up, which makes the fact that I dropped the box seconds after stepping out of the store all the more disappointing.  Je suis maladroite, moi. Clockwise from upper left: chocolate, … Continue reading A study in sweets, pt. 4

A study in sweets, pt. 2

Though it has been a long time since my first study in sweets, hopefully this international edition does not disappoint!  These dulces were from Horno San Buenaventura, though unfortunately, I never learned their names, as I ordered them by desperately pointing.  Sí, sí, sí! The plan was to each choose a pastry and then share.  I chose the pink one, and it was wonderful, though they all were, really.  Much different than the sweets I’m used to in France (I’m spoiled), but a lot of fun to eat on the steps of the Archivo General de Indias on a sunny … Continue reading A study in sweets, pt. 2

A study in sweets, pt. 1

It’s not much fun playing catch-up, but one day soon I’ll be updating in real-time (more or less).  But first, a pause for pommes. This tarte aux pommes from la Boulangerie d’Anton that I treated myself to this morning was sweet and wonderful every step of the way.  And please, don’t let the last photo give you the (wrong, wrong) impression that I ate this in any dainty or dignified way.  Because there’s no way that I walked away from this with any pride (or crumbs) left. Continue reading A study in sweets, pt. 1