A study in sweets, pt. 5

My roommate, Britland, and I have a list on our fridge of all the important things we’d like to do before we graduate.  Naturally, it’s written on pink paper with a kitten sitting in an equally pink high-heeled shoe at the top.  We’ve been crossing things off the list, little by little (to be expanded upon later), and got around to checking off a very important milestone today…Trophy Cupcakes!

How I went three whole years without trying one, I’ll never know!  For me, a chocolate peanut butter cupcake, and for Britland, a salted caramel cupcake.  We collapsed on the couch in sugar comas, both very pleased (so delicious! the cupcakes!) and very disappointed with ourselves (so achy! our stomachs!).  But, we knew well our fate before we took our first bites.  And that knowledge certainly won’t be enough to keep up from stopping by another one or two times in the next couple of months!


A study in sweets, pt. 4

I passed by a really lovely pastry shop at the end of my day in Pornic and decided to go in and buy something I’d been wanting to try for months…Macarons!  I had seen them at plenty of shops in Nantes, but hadn’t ever walked away with anything more than a pain au chocolat or a tarte aux pommes.  But these macarons from Gavet just looked too good to pass up, which makes the fact that I dropped the box seconds after stepping out of the store all the more disappointing.  Je suis maladroite, moi.

Clockwise from upper left: chocolate, coffee, salted caramel, raspberry and lemon.

They were light and sweet and I will sacrifice my body before I let my next box of macarons suffer the lethal consequences of gravity and my own clumsiness.

A study in sweets, pt. 3

It’s time for more pretty French sweets!  This week’s installment features fresh raspberries!  But you’ll have to make it through the pyramidal wrappings first…

Inside you’ll find une charlotte aux framboises!  Biscuits à la cuillère surround a center of chilled raspberry mousse.  The raspberries on top are best eaten one by one, until your fingertips are red (especially if you haven’t any utensils and are sitting on the grass, like I was!).

Delicious!  And all the more sweet after having finished a language acquisition exam!

A study in sweets, pt. 2

Though it has been a long time since my first study in sweets, hopefully this international edition does not disappoint!  These dulces were from Horno San Buenaventura, though unfortunately, I never learned their names, as I ordered them by desperately pointing.  Sí, sí, sí!

The plan was to each choose a pastry and then share.  I chose the pink one, and it was wonderful, though they all were, really.  Much different than the sweets I’m used to in France (I’m spoiled), but a lot of fun to eat on the steps of the Archivo General de Indias on a sunny day!

A study in sweets, pt. 1

It’s not much fun playing catch-up, but one day soon I’ll be updating in real-time (more or less).  But first, a pause for pommes.

This tarte aux pommes from la Boulangerie d’Anton that I treated myself to this morning was sweet and wonderful every step of the way.  And please, don’t let the last photo give you the (wrong, wrong) impression that I ate this in any dainty or dignified way.  Because there’s no way that I walked away from this with any pride (or crumbs) left.