Pretzel logic

After our huge croissant-making success, Alyssa and I were inspired to take on another doughy task – soft pretzels! In comparison to the buttery eight-hour marathon we ran last weekend, this Saturday’s activities were a breeze, thanks in no small part to Alyssa’s standing mixer.  We let the dough rise for just under an hour, doubling in size and making it elastic enough to roll out into the classic pretzel knot!

Once our pretzels were all lined in a row, we dropped them into a pot of boiling water (with baking soda disolved in) to give them a hard outer layer.  Then, we gave them the appropriate accoutrements (sea salt, parmesan, garlic or a combination of all three!) and into the oven they went!

Twelve minutes later and the kitchen was filled with the scent of freshly-baked pretzels and we were scrambling to find the mustard!  Best served hot!  Prost, meine Freunde!