Chasse aux châteaux: Chambord

Back to France, because I am really missing the hexagon right now.  The simple things, mostly, but I’d really just like to get on a train, and get off an hour later at a château.  Just like I did three months ago.

I boarded an early train with two very good friends (Katharina from Germany and Silvia from Italy) and by ten o’clock we were in Blois, where we caught a six euro bus that shuttled us to three châteaux.  Our first stop was at Château de Chambord, the largest of the châteaux of the Loire, with double helix staircases and intricate roofs, intricate windows, intricate…everything.

I had been to Chambord once before as a teenager, and it was really great to make the trip back and get lost in its hallways all over again.