Parmi les Carnacois

I’m back from a long, long weekend (five days) in Carnac and it was just wonderful – green and sandy and windy and warm.  And it’s only an hour and a half outside of Nantes.  En voiture, Poupou! We feasted like kings (Poupou, too!) on fresh fish, breton lobsters, and sweet langoustines from the fish market in La Trinité-sur-Mer.  A big Saint-Pierre prepared simply, with olive oil, white wine and shallots; lobster and langoustines dunked in boiling water then served cold and eaten with your hands.  Oh!  And pretty little radishes, dipped in salt and eaten in between bites of … Continue reading Parmi les Carnacois

Week-end à Carnac

Well, I never got around to talking about my weekend trip to Carnac back in…November, but as I’m heading back there tomorrow for the Easter holiday, I thought I’d introduce you to this pretty little town on le Golfe du Morbihan in Bretagne.  A good friend from UW and I were graciously invited to stay with Anne-Marie and André in their summer home, close to the beach but far from the main roads. Breakfasts were simple – confitures with fresh brioche from the boulangerie in la Trinité-sur-Mer, juice and big mugs of tea. We spent the early part of the … Continue reading Week-end à Carnac