Han er fantastisk!

So maybe I had one or two things compelling me to board the plane back to the states – graduating from university (a feat that has yet to actually…occur, and won’t for two more quarters) and seeing Sondre Lerche in concert.  For the fifth time! And it was a lovely night!  I was with a very good friend and we slipped right into the second row for a fantastic couple of hours.  Even the opening acts, Kishi Bashi and Nightlands, were great!  And both came back on stage during Sondre’s set to play along!  The last few times I’d seen … Continue reading Han er fantastisk!

Sur la route

I’m 230 kilometers from Nantes, sitting in Quimper, and entirely pleased with how the trip has gone so far, even though the time has really been flying by.  We’re heading north tomorrow to the Côte de Granit rose, and from there we’ll head east for a few days, ending up in Paris on Friday afternoon.  Then, on the plane Monday morning, when there will be lots of Califooornia I’m coming home, and the kissing of sunset pigs (ask Joni Mitchell, she knows all about it). Anyways, here’s a short video I’ve made from a collection of clips I’ve taken in … Continue reading Sur la route

Poisson d’avril

Yesterday I got a text message from Katharina (who was on her way to the airport to catch a flight to Dublin, lucky!) telling me to be sure to take the tram.  All I had on my schedule was a day spent at the campus  library working on my paper, to which I’d usually just take the bus, but Katharina sounded pretty insistent, so I took ligne 3 down to Commerce and ligne 2 back up to Faculté.  And I’m so glad I did because I fell victim to the cutest April Fools’ Day joke ever! I had to make … Continue reading Poisson d’avril

Juerga flamenca

My first night in Barcelona, we headed out for a flamenco show at JazzSí Club Taller de Músics, on a small street in El Raval.  The club was packed and I sat on the balcony with my legs hanging over, almost touching the heads of the people walking underneath!  But I had a great view and a wonderful time.  Here are two short videos I took during the performance…enjoy!  Now, go buy some polka dots and Paco de Lucía’s “Entre Dos Aguas!”  Vamos! Continue reading Juerga flamenca

Yosemite: day one

I guess I’ve taken the one-night stand approach to national parks – visiting a different one every weekend, I go for the nature, and leave when I’ve had enough (who has time to remember names?).  Yikes… Well, actually none of that is true.  I was really looking forward to spending the weekend in Yosemite.  I’d never been before (so far as my cognizant mind could remember), and as it’s only three or so hours away, it seemed pretty silly that I hadn’t made the trip yet.  And I knew it’d be beautiful, but, really it was incredible.  The pictures took themselves, leaving … Continue reading Yosemite: day one