Two years ago


On April 30, 2013, my seven-month contract with TAPIF came to a close. I stayed up late the night before and baked snickerdoodle cookies for my 200+ students; even on my last day, I couldn’t help but subject my students to pronouncing just one more funny word for my pleasure. I spent a quick weekend in Nantes, and then it was a jam-packed couple of days as my parents arrived from across the sea, I packed up my apartment in Périgueux, and said goodbye to all the people I had met since October. Neat and tidy it was not.

I was, and still am, very nostalgic for the year that I was an English assistant. I loved the life that I created for myself there, I loved the people that I worked with, and then the calendar flipped over to May and TA-POOF! It was gone.

(Ne vous inquiétez pas, I have absolutely found my footing since then and am loving my life stateside.)

In the first couple weeks stripped of my assistante d’anglais badge and back in my civilian clothes, I strung together some clips that I filmed throughout the region – commemorating the faces, places, moments, routines, and meals. I have not been back to France since then, but when I get around to watching this video, two or three times a year, I am transported back to my ole Rivière de l’Isle home in the Dordogne. How very Périgood it all was!

Featuring the music of Thomas Fersen (« Le bal des oiseaux » version ukulélé), and the canoe-paddling of une Australienne incomparable.

I seem to like making little videos like these, because I just remembered that I made one when I left Nantes, too! Check it out!


7 thoughts on “Two years ago

  1. It was two years ago that I finished working as a language assistant in Auch (southern France) and I’m still nostalgic for that year, too! I didn’t manage to bake cookies though, that’s so awesome of you.

    • Baking cookies for my students ended up being one of those projects where, like four hours in, you can only ask yourself “why am I doing this?” Not to mention, my tiny oven only could accommodate a dozen and a half cookies. But I’m glad I did it! They enjoyed it and took copies of the recipe. 🙂

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