Two years ago


On April 30, 2013, my seven-month contract with TAPIF came to a close. I stayed up late the night before and baked snickerdoodle cookies for my 200+ students; even on my last day, I couldn’t help but subject my students to pronouncing just one more funny word for my pleasure. I spent a quick weekend in Nantes, and then it was a jam-packed couple of days as my parents arrived from across the sea, I packed up my apartment in Périgueux, and said goodbye to all the people I had met since October. Neat and tidy it was not.

I was, and still am, very nostalgic for the year that I was an English assistant. I loved the life that I created for myself there, I loved the people that I worked with, and then the calendar flipped over to May and TA-POOF! It was gone.

(Ne vous inquiétez pas, I have absolutely found my footing since then and am loving my life stateside.)

In the first couple weeks stripped of my assistante d’anglais badge and back in my civilian clothes, I strung together some clips that I filmed throughout the region – commemorating the faces, places, moments, routines, and meals. I have not been back to France since then, but when I get around to watching this video, two or three times a year, I am transported back to my ole Rivière de l’Isle home in the Dordogne. How very Périgood it all was!

Featuring the music of Thomas Fersen (« Le bal des oiseaux » version ukulélé), and the canoe-paddling of une Australienne incomparable.

I seem to like making little videos like these, because I just remembered that I made one when I left Nantes, too! Check it out!


7 thoughts on “Two years ago

  1. It was two years ago that I finished working as a language assistant in Auch (southern France) and I’m still nostalgic for that year, too! I didn’t manage to bake cookies though, that’s so awesome of you.

    1. Baking cookies for my students ended up being one of those projects where, like four hours in, you can only ask yourself “why am I doing this?” Not to mention, my tiny oven only could accommodate a dozen and a half cookies. But I’m glad I did it! They enjoyed it and took copies of the recipe. 🙂

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