2014 en sommaire

Hi, again.  It’s (mid-)February 2015; 2014 was a year of only thirteen posts, compared to twenty-three in 2013, so if that rate of attrition were to continue, I may only manage to squeak out seven or so posts in 2015, but I am really hoping that’s not the case. I’m looking forward to 2015 – and it’s been great so far!

But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself as 2014 was good, too, a year of some noticeable “firsts.” All a part of growing up, I suppose.


January – Let’s start with the worst part of the year, shall we?  Toward the end of the month, I found myself in the hospital after an unnecessary and unexpected episode of David and Goliath. Only I lost: part of a tooth, a lot of blood, and a beloved bicycle.  Gained: facial scars, physical therapy appointments, medical bills, a lawyer… But before that mess, I climbed two new peaks.  The first was Mount Si, just outside of Seattle, quickly followed by an ascent of the tallest peak in my hometown for the first time in a decade.


February – Snow made its annual appearance in Seattle, but no Seattleite even noticed the cold because those Seahawks sure were hot, hot, hot, amiright?  In some skittles-fueled daze of fair-weather fandom, I actually followed American football for about two weeks (Geaux Hawques!), even choosing to brave the throngs of “twelfth men” as the Super Bowl Parade wound its way down 4th Avenue.


March – The start of spring brought some lovely and familiar sights to Seattle, such as the blooming of the cherry blossom trees at the University of Washington. However, I also finally got to see a new and not-so-fragrant side of Seattle – the underside.  The Underground Tour ranks as one of the city’s best and I’m surprised that it took me four years of walking around above ground before getting to know an earlier and more lowly (pun intended) version of Seattle and its peculiar style of city planning.


April – On Easter morning, Phillip and I woke up early to ride the Amtrak Cascades to Bellingham, a two-hour trip that offers a continuous front-row view of the Puget Sound. As a huge fan of train travel, I was not left wanting; we grabbed some coffee in the bistro car and window-gazed all the way to Whatcom County.  Not to mention, it was in this month that we began taking pottery classes, and I came down with a case of tulip fever.


May – I rang in my twenty-fifth birthday with friends in the backyard. My wonderful friend Britland presented me with my first shot (see here…very sophisticated), a milestone I somehow had never reached despite having been twenty-one for a fleeting moment.  But more important than my “silver jubilee,” was an inaugural trip to Boston for both me and Phillip, to celebrate his sister’s graduation from law school.  (Congratulations Andrea!)


June – Seattle summertime finally in full swing, I made sure to show up early to be first in line for pancakes and lingonberry jam at the Swedish Cultural Center, and lined North 34th Street to catch an eyeful of the Naked Bike Ride, the Fremont Solstice Parade’s headlining event.  I made my first ever fruit tart and basked in the sun at Gas Works Park most afternoons.


July – In another moment of culinary achievement, I made my first pie – a raspberry pie!  Raspberries I hand-picked in Arlington, Washington!  And I made strawberry shortcake!  To counter all these sweet treats I had been eating, for the Fourth of July, Phillip and I, along with some friends drove north to the beautiful Ross Lake, where we canoed and camped and hiked on-and-off for four days. Also, I had my first s’more cooked over a campfire!  All in all, a good month for sugar consumption.


August – I was stunned to receive this beautiful 1980s Nikon FE2 from my uncle – my first film camera that wasn’t a disposable Fujifilm Quicksnap!  I’ve been prudent about what photos I take with this camera so far, but I should really take the few rolls that I have shot to the developer already. Desserts attempted in August: peach cobbler & a rustic plum tart.  Desserts perfected in August: the very same.


September – The month started with a west coast road trip, the goal of which was to acquire a motorized vehicle; predictably enough, Phillip and I had some car troubles along the way (that’s nothing new to us).  We luckily were able to salvage a few of our original plans, which included a Shakespearean play and an evening at a hot springs that had only existed in my dreams. Later in the month, we took to the sky in a private four-seater airplane captained by my former boss; destination: Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. We couldn’t have asked for a better day or a more charming locale.


October – We celebrated Halloween at our house, for which Phillip made sweet potato pies and the most dangerously delicious scratch margaritas ever. My contribution to the evening: caramel corn and the heavy-on-the-funk playlist. I had the honor of cross-dressing as the completely fabulous Prince, featuring my very first pair of gold lamé hot pants. Obviously.


November – On an increasingly rare sunny day in Washington, we headed down south to Elma where most of Phillip’s fondest stories have taken place: the family farm. Though it is no longer occupied, I had been anxious for a chance to visit the farmhouse and wander around its marshy pastures. Back in Seattle, we rode the Centennial Trail and tried our hand at fermenting our own kimchi.


December – On the first of the month we found ourselves in unfamiliarly warm climes in Kauai, Hawaii; equally nice was a bracing hike in snowshoes (a life-long dream of mine) at Mount Baker Ski Area later in the month. December, the pies were plentiful, the bike rides pastoral, and the goodbyes bittersweet. We gave a long, hard look at the beauty and friendship around us, because just before 2014 came to a close…

We moved!  After a very happy year in Washington State, we loaded up our freshly-repaired Subaru and drove fourteen hours south, back to my San Francisco Bay Area home – My first time living in California since high school, and Phillip’s first time to ever call the golden state home!  If there is anything to be sure of, it’s that 2015 will be an unpredictable year.  January is already proof of that, but I’ll get to that soon.  A bientôt!


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