The Subaru

I’m traveling home to California tonight to spend some time with my parents and to participate in a very ceremonial rite of passage: the handing over of the keys.  That’s right, the car that used to drive me to soccer practice and school dances, will now be driven by me – to pottery class, to the mountains, but first, it’ll take Phillip and I all the way back to Seattle on an end-of-summer road trip.  We’ve planned to ramble our way north over the course of a week, but other than that, we’ve only marked our map with some mighty fine looking bakeries, as well as wild hot springs far up winding dirt roads.

My forest green Subaru Legacy Outback will be in fine company with all of the other forest green Subaru Legacy Outbacks that line the streets of Seattle.  I haven’t had much desire to share pictures of the glorified tin can on wheels we’ve been driving since last November (but really, I do love that shabby thing), though some of the stories of its various breakdowns may make good blog fodder one day.  The Subaru will be the first car that I have owned in the United States, and only the second one I have owned in my life, after my dear Peugeot in France last year.  I’m excited for my own set of wheels…and the adventures that await us this week and in the months (and miles) to come!  C’est parti!




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