Pottery class: weeks 3 & 4

In our third week of pottery class we started showing up at the studio more and more frequently.  A big benefit of taking classes at the Ballard Community Center is that enrollment in a course entitles you to free studio time whenever the center is open to the public.  Due to city funding cuts, this unfortunately means we can’t throw on the weekends, but on a chilly Tuesday or Wednesday night, why not?




What a surprise, more short round things.  I must say, even I was a bit unimpressed with my lack of imagination.  Or rather, I think it’s more a matter of execution.  If memory serves me right, both times I think I was attempting to make a pitcher – HA!


But then a stroke of rare genius hit, my hands slid together and when I pulled my hands away (slowly, slowly) I had a vase standing about 3 inches high.  And boy, is this thing sturdy.




We also learned another important step in pottery-making: trimming.  This is the time for the novice potter to erase all of the mistake he or she has made up to this point.  Sure there are ample opportunities following this step and definitely during this stage to mess everything up, but once your clay is ¡leather-hard! the task of trimming down the base and smoothing out the rough patches is relaxing and a bit hypnotic.  And when that’s done and your name is carved into the underside, you’ve got a piece ready for its first firing!






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