Un anniversaire


Was it really a year ago that I was boarding a plane to France, jumping out of an airplane, signing a lease to a 15th century apartment, and starting my post as an English language assistant with TAPIF?  And to think that I almost let the date pass by without even a thought.  Then I saw Rosie’s adorable post this week, and the numbers started adding up (as the happy tears started falling) – a whole year has passed!

What a slack-jawed and silly person I was, hugely unprepared and thoroughly contented.  My mom’s particularly nuanced emotion, I’ve yet to decipher.


But no one is more confused about how I made it through the year as I am.  There are still many stories to tell, and I’m ready to tell them!  A bientôt à tous mes lecteurnauts!  Exceptionnellement fermé, no more!



  1. Happy anniversary. 🙂
    That is a very interesting photo of two people with hard-to-decipher expressions. Perhaps you look a little like a “stunned mullet” and your mother is thinking, “why is my daughter looking like a stunned mullet?”

  2. You are non-exceptionnellement ouverte? I don’t even want to guess what that could mean but I’m excited! Haha

    1. Hahaha la vâche! Ce que je veux dire c’est que I’m gonna start blogging again! Bisous bisous…

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