The weather in Périgueux is finally starting to warm up a bit, and foolishly, I’m already starting to push my thickest sweaters to the back of my drawers.  I’m anxious for sunny springtime weather, though I know all too well that it’s only the first week of February, which historically is the coldest month of the year.  In fact, last year, it snowed for fifteen days straight in Périgueux!  It’s no wonder that at the slightest break in the clouds, I’m outside, in as few layers as possible (sometimes only one light sweater!) basking in the sun.

I remember the bright, clear days that we were treated to in October.  On one of our first weekends here, Phillip and I set out in the peugeot, eastward towards the Château de Hautefort, one of the most beautiful in the department.  And though we did get caught in a flash rain storm, the sun came back out and we strolled through the château’s gardens, with the Dordogne’s rolling hills stretching off into the distance.











I was quite pleased to find this old “for sale” sign which details the château and its land.  Very good quality!  Two towers!  Beautiful terraces!  485 hectares of land!  And for only 1,100,000 francs!  What a steal…



And in the museum shop, a great book about the weirdest parts of France’s history, among them, French traditional bathing suits…Bonnets included!  I’d even sport one of these if it meant it was warm enough to go swimming in the river!


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