I can’t put off posting for chronology’s sake anymore.  I’ve forfeited that right and I’m four months behind, so here’s some exciting and contemporary news!  It snowed in Périgueux!

Yes, Périgueux!  That place where I live to which I’ve only made the vaguest reference!  A more formal introduction is soon to come, but for now we’ll just admire the snow.  Even after several winters in Seattle, it was still exciting to wake up and find my home of now four months covered in snow.  And no view was as nice as the one from my bedroom window, still in pyjamas and slippers, directly next to the heater, clutching a steaming cup of tea.





Even my severely-skewed Californian-conceived notions of weather knew that the cold wasn’t too bad and the snow not too sticky – most was melted by midday.  But France had other ideas.  Like many places where snowfall is an annual, anticipated occurrence, nearly the whole of the Dordogne shut down when the first few flakes hit the ground. But we used it to our advantage.  Classes canceled for the day, a group of language assistants in town bundled up for coffee and then trotted over to my apartment for lunch.  We supped on soup, warmed our bellies with wine, and made plans to watch movies all evening from the comfort of our beds.  With the temperature well below freezing, nothing could have been more appealing!


The next morning, the snow all but thawed, I happily stayed under the covers well past my first scheduled class of the day.  The roads in the Dordogne are exceedingly narrow and curvy, and the coaches that bring most of the students to my school weren’t running because of the potential of dangerous, icy roads.  So I started day two of my five-day weekend!  The weather was bright, so I went for a walk around town, across the river to find the best view of Périgueux.













In the late afternoon, I felt encouraged to take a short trip on the city bus outside of Périgueux to Chancelade where there is an abbey that dates from the early twelfth century – interesting grounds to wander around despite my incessant slipping.






It’s rumored to snow again tomorrow, and Sundays are already quiet days in France, so it very well looks like I’ll be doing some more relaxing!  Quelle vie!


10 thoughts on “Enneigée!

    1. I’m still learning how to deal with the snow! It’s nice to look at, but kind of a pain when I have things to do. But oh, how easy it is to take nice photos in the snow! Thanks!

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