Le compte à rebours est lancé

J’ai une nouvelle à vous apprendre!  I’m packing up and moving to my faux-pays natal in exactly one month!  It’s been a long year and a half since I left France, and frankly, a very extended trip back is long overdue.  I was accepted to the Teaching Assistant Program in France (referred to here on out as TAPIF) for the 2012-2013 school year in the Académie of Bordeaux, which is made up of the five departments of Aquitaine.  But I won’t be in the region’s capital city; instead, I will be heading into the Dordogne, one of France’s more rural and remote departments, to teach English in an equally rural and remote high school.  I have little idea of what to expect, having not taken more than a couple of dozen steps in the region, only to catch a connecting train in Bordeaux to Toulouse on my way to Albi.  Not to mention…I’ve never taught a class, rented an apartment in a foreign country, lived in the countryside, driven a manual transmission car…and the list is longer still, but I’m so looking forward to all of these new experiences – even moreso the ones that I can’t anticipate!  It’ll be a long and busy month, but come September 18, I’ll drop everything, board a flight to Paris and see where the next eight months take me!

A la Dordogne, mes enfants!


7 thoughts on “Le compte à rebours est lancé

  1. Félicitations! It sounds like that will be a great experience and fun to read about. I’m thinking that if the rural town in Dordogne is like other small towns, everybody’s going to know everybody.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m hoping that my twelve-hour work week will leave me plenty of time to write about my experiences in the classroom and in the Dordogne!

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