After two long days spent wandering around town, it was just as nice to come back to a place I really considered a second home, with lovely people and lovely memories.  Also nice was the air-conditioning, as even in the month of May, Albi was sweltering by Nantes standards!

Things like the sunny view from my third-floor bedroom, pictured above, were just as I had remembered them seven years before; Maëlle and I still took breakfast in the kitchen – big mugs of tea, fruit, and muesli…though Nutella and toast were welcomed guests, too, just like when we were fifteen and sixteen.  Their home is such a pleasant place, full of travel souvenirs and family photos.  And the house itself has an interesting history.  Originally two units, they were bought together in a state of complete disrepair.  There were holes in the ceilings and birds living in the rafters (which, to Maëlle, who has always had an interest in ornithology, was actually a key selling point).  Fixing up the house required a huge amount of work, and a lot of it was done by the family.  And as their home was once two free-standing buildings, they chose to incorporate both of their styles – inside and out!  Brick walls from one unit are exposed in the other and make it a really unique place.  I’m glad that I’ve been able to spend so much time there and am looking forward to the day that I can welcome the Bujauds into my own home!

But until then, I’ll delight in stuffing myself full of the most delicious cherries I have ever eaten, harvested from the trees in their backyard, on those wonderful, rare days that I am able to spend in Albi with great friends.


5 thoughts on “Homestay

  1. This was a very exciting post to read considering my family and I are next week leaving to begin our European travels next week—first stop, Salvagnac, Tarn, for three months! I am now even more excited!

    The house is beautiful! I hope you enjoy your stay.

    • Wow! What a coincidence that you and your family will be so close to Albi in a week’s time! I’ve not been to Salvagnac, but I’ve been able to visit quite a few of the tiny villages of the Tarn. You’re in for a real treat! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. What an amazing home! It’s a treat to view these photos and the house looks like something from a magazine. (And you can tell them I said so.) Looks like somebody in the family likes the sea — I notice several boats.

    • Yes, good spotting! Most of the mother’s family is actually from Brittany on the northwest coast of France, so the ocean and Breton style is very important to her.

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