Come in from the cold

It turns out I know absolutely nothing about snow.  It kept on falling, unlike I had predicted, and my four-day-weekend somehow turned into a ten-day-weekend (not that I’m complaining).  As I tend to measure my productivity as the amount of time I don’t spend in my apartment watching 30 Rock, I had to adjust to being home-bound so much (again, not complaining).  But I wasn’t completely immune to cabin fever, so I usually ended up making that same walk to Greenlake for photos and coffee – bonus when your roommate comes along with you and takes your picture with snowmen!

I’ve also had a lot more time to sift through the huge folder sitting on my desktop and try out some new recipes.  The biggest success of the week was Mark Bittman’s minimalist ratatouille, which might just look like a lot of vegetables, but that’s because it is just a whole bunch of vegetables.  It was really fantastic and so, so flavorful I think I’ll be making it again this week.

And of course, if you’re going to have ratatouille, and if it is quite chilly outside, and if there is a bottle of red wine already sitting on the kitchen counter, then you must make vin chaud and watch Midnight in Paris.  It’s only sensible.


2 thoughts on “Come in from the cold

  1. That ratatouille looks delicious! Also, I’m pretty sure I made vin chaud for Christmas, but it was with a German friend who kept calling it glühwein.

    Hope you’re enjoying the snow!

    1. Yep, they’re essentially the same thing, vin chaud/glühwein/mulled wine/glögg…

      I enjoyed the snow, now I’m enjoying it being nearly melted away!

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