It snowed today!  To call it a storm is a bit dramatic, but as the last time I’d seen any snow, it was stranding me in London last year, I allowed myself to get excited by the half of an inch dusting the pavement.  Couldn’t be bothered to make breakfast.  I hopped out of bed and slipped right down the street.

I walked over to Greenlake, slower than usual as I have no shoes suitable for slush.  Not many people were out walking around, but I happened upon quite a few confused ducks and a couple of snowmen, now muddy puddles on the grass, I’m sure.  The snow shouldn’t last too long, but it’s been fun getting to play in it and watch it fall from a coffee shop window.

Try and stay warm this weekend (my parents and all other Californians excluded, as they are all-too-thrilled to tell me how it has been 65 degrees for the past week)!


5 thoughts on “Snowstorm

  1. love the snow pictures! hopefully you get a couple snow days out of it! also – i LOVE the baby blue nail polish 🙂
    miss you!

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