Across the Loire

Remember when I posted with some regularity and timeliness?  I think I’ll try doing that again.  C’est parti!

Across the Loire River from Nantes is Trentemoult, a tiny fishing village turned utopic bobo enclave, which is easily accessed by the Navibus (part of Nante’s impressive five-boat fleet!).  Everything is either hand-painted or bejeweled or unkempt and it’s really quite a charming place.

The importance of this street?  Back in September, when I first arrived in Nantes, a friendly, well-intentioned Spaniard who lived on my dorm floor, would greet anyone entering the communal kitchen just next to his room with a booming “BOJU” [sic], which, in my opinion, is much, much better than any humdrum “bonjour.”  Just like une boîte aux lettres (‘letterbox’) that is truly une boîte…aux lettres (‘letter box’)!  Or a walk down the street that turns into a game of hopscotch!  Or a tasty dessert crêpe that is actually three tasty dessert crêpes (with a shot of espresso)!  C’est la vie trentemousine!


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