Farmers’ market A to Z

Time keeps flying by and I’ll be back in Seattle in six days.  And while I’ll only be there for six and a half months, there were still a couple of things I wanted to do before I left the Bay Area.

One of the best things about my hometown is its farmers’ market.  There are so many stalls and such a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, breads and flowers.  Sampling is common practice and sellers are happy to give cooking instructions when you’re faced with particularly…unusual things like opo, moqua, or quinces.

With such a selection, I decided to make my way through the market with the alphabet in mind.  As it turns out, some letters are not well-represented in the vegetable kingdom.  Tried my best!

A is for…artichokes.

B is for…beets.

C is for…chives.

D is for…daikon.

E is for…eggplant.

F is for…fennel.

G is for…grapes.

H is for…honey.

I is for…Indian broad beans

J is for…jujubes.

K is for…kale.

L is for…long beans.

M is for…mushrooms.

N is for…nectarines.

O is for…onions.

P is for…peppers.

Q is for…quinces.

R is for…raspberries.

S is for…Swiss chard.

T is for…tomatoes.

U is for…unusal melons (it’s a stretch, I know…)

V is for…Valencia oranges.

W is for…white peaches.

X is for…xī guā (the Mandarin word for watermelon, 西瓜!  谢谢你,中文老师!)

Y is for…yams.

Z is for…zucchini!


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