A playlist

A year ago today, I arrived in Nantes.  And a year from today, I could be reminiscing about how today, I went back to France, but I can’t, because the seat I have reserved on that plane somewhere over the Atlantic right now…I’m not on it!

Which really comes as little surprise to me, as I bought the ticket knowing I couldn’t use it (I chose a middle seat so my would-be seatmates on both sides could get a little extra room!).  When I was planning my move back home, a round trip ticket was a third the price of a one-way, so I bought it and subscribed to kayak price alerts for three months, in case I could find a cheap one-way flight back to the states from…anywhere.  No such luck.

Anyways, all of that to say that I am really, really missing France (how predictable…yaaaawn) and have been listening to some of the songs I associate most strongly with my year in Nantes.  That list is lengthy, thanks to Fnac, the contributions of friends, and my library card at the Médiathèque de Nantes – a three euro investment that turned out to be worth its weight in gold!  Below is a collection of songs of particular importance, though don’t linger too long on the word “important.”  I’ll let you decide which songs I really do like, which ones grew on me over time, and which played en boucle at the grocery store.  The results may surprise you.

  1. Natation Syncronisée – Vincent Delerm
  2. My Name is Trouble – Keren Ann
  3. Carpe Diem – Aldebert
  4. Le Même que Moi – Gary Fico feat. Leo Rispal (une critique extraordinaire de Cyprien)
  5. VPC [Vilain Petit Canard] – Féfé
  6. Ambiance à l’africaine – Magic System
  7. Je Danse – Jenifer
  8. Dis-moi encore que tu m’aimes – Gaëtan Roussel
  9. Nico Teen Love – BB Brunes
  10. Moi c’est – Camélia Jordana
  11. Que veux-tu? – Yelle (the remix is good, too!)
  12. How Would You Do It? – Medi
  13. Ça chante – Smod
  14. Je veux – Zaz
  15. Dans ma rue – Féfé
  16. Alors on danse – Stromae
  17. Safari Disco Club – Yelle
  18. Ce matin va être une pure soirée – Fatal Bazooka
  19. Les limites – Julien Doré (in case you had any questions about my own dancing style, see version two)
  20. C’est bientôt la fin – Mozart Rock Opera
Happy listening!

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