Chasse aux châteaux: Blois

Final stop!  And we barely managed to make it!  Closing time at the Château Royal de Blois was at six, and we wandered up around five forty, convinced we could get the six and a half euro fee waived.  So maybe Katharina batted her lashes a bit, maybe Silvia talked circles around the pauvre ado at the ticket counter (and maybe I alternated between the two), but we made it in for free and ran about the castle for twenty minutes.

We ended up slipping in with a group of elderly Italians in the Chambre du Roi.  Silvia kindly translated the guide for us, but after a few minutes we found the opportunity to break off from il gruppo and explore the grounds some more before getting kicked out.

Our train was delayed by a half hour, but all was forgiven when we got on the coolest train ever.  We had a couchette all to ourselves! Felt like I was going to Hogwarts (yeah, really).  “Anything off the trolly, dear?”

But that fun lasted only an hour as we had to change trains at Saint-Pierre-des-Corps.  Naturally, our train was delayed two hours and we made it back to Nantes, sleepy and hungry, but it was quite a wonderful day all the same!


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