Han er fantastisk!

So maybe I had one or two things compelling me to board the plane back to the states – graduating from university (a feat that has yet to actually…occur, and won’t for two more quarters) and seeing Sondre Lerche in concert.  For the fifth time!

And it was a lovely night!  I was with a very good friend and we slipped right into the second row for a fantastic couple of hours.  Even the opening acts, Kishi Bashi and Nightlands, were great!  And both came back on stage during Sondre’s set to play along!  The last few times I’d seen him, he’d been solo, so seeing him with a band was really wonderful.  I wonder when he’ll be back in town again…

And here’s quite a silly picture of me and Sondre after a very small show at the Swedish American Hall (but he’s Norwegian!) back in 2008.  Apparently, it was scarf-weather.  Even indoors.


5 thoughts on “Han er fantastisk!

    1. Comme il est beau, oui! Il fait du jazz aussi…l’album, c’est “Duper Sessions” si tu veux écouter quelques morceaux. J’aime surtout “The Curse of Being in Love” et “Lulu Vise” (à cause du fait qu’il chante en norvégien)…mais j’écoute en boucle toutes ses chansons!

    1. I’ve seen him quite a few times now: in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall, Swedish American Hall, the Fillmore – and in Seattle at the Triple Door. I’m sad that I’ll be missing him in San Francisco this September…but he’s passing through just after I leave for France!

      1. oooh..wow! I did listen to a couple of his songs but I don’t think he’s my cup of tea.
        Thanks for sharing:) and it was worth a try to listen to his music!
        J’aime l’artist comme..Michael Buble quand on parle de jazz:)

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