Une vie de grande vitesse

Several important milestones have come and gone in the past few weeks and I am once again no where to be found.  Things are going by very fast and I haven’t had a free moment.  First, I looked at my calendar and saw that there were only thirty more days before touching down at SFO.  And that was fifteen days ago.  I can almost count on my hands the number of days I have left, and I say goodbye to Nantes in less than five.

Second, I turned twenty-two and celebrated with a seven thirty a.m. phonology exam.  And this tiny gâteau.

The day after my birthday, I took my last exam (twas…pas très bien passé) and packed up for a trip to southern France, to spend several days with the family that welcomed me and housed me for the summer when I was fifteen years old.

Upon returning to Nantes, I had a few days to myself to spend getting sick (ouf!) and packing up.  It hasn’t been too difficult a process so far, but as my parents rolled into town yesterday, I’ve been quite busy being a tour guide and progress has slowed down in my room.  Not much has gone into my suitcase lately, my box of books still hasn’t been shipped, and there’s quinoa all over the floor, but I’ll get it all done by my état de lieu on Tuesday.  Then, if I can actually bring myself to get in the car and drive away from Nantes on Wednesday morning, I’ll spend a lovely couple of weeks touring Brittany and Normandy before making the long trip home.  But that does mean that posting will probably remain sparse until I’m back in the states and longing for a little bit of la vie nantaise quotidienne.  So until then, gros bisous!


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