Printemps à Pornic

The fact that I haven’t had much to say recently could suggest my schedule has been really demanding as of late.  Well, nope.  Tomorrow ends two weeks of vacation.  Part of it you’ve already seen, but even before Carnac, I took a brief little trip back to Pornic.  I hadn’t been since September (which was absolutely beautiful) and wanted a chance to visit in the springtime.  I took a Lila (short-distance bus that costs only two euros a ride) to Saint-Marie-sur-Mer, bought a canette of Schweppes Agrum’ and headed to the water.  I walked west along the coast to Le Porteau, before turning around, walking back to Saint-Marie, and continuing on to Pornic.  You can tell from the pictures that the conditions were perfect – sunny with a light wind, flowers in bloom and a new package of Figolu in my bag.


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