A study in sweets, pt. 4

I passed by a really lovely pastry shop at the end of my day in Pornic and decided to go in and buy something I’d been wanting to try for months…Macarons!  I had seen them at plenty of shops in Nantes, but hadn’t ever walked away with anything more than a pain au chocolat or a tarte aux pommes.  But these macarons from Gavet just looked too good to pass up, which makes the fact that I dropped the box seconds after stepping out of the store all the more disappointing.  Je suis maladroite, moi.

Clockwise from upper left: chocolate, coffee, salted caramel, raspberry and lemon.

They were light and sweet and I will sacrifice my body before I let my next box of macarons suffer the lethal consequences of gravity and my own clumsiness.


4 thoughts on “A study in sweets, pt. 4

      1. Yeah, we have them here. 🙂 It probably isn’t the same though. They probably taste better in France. 😀

        Oh my, I need to do a post about that (certain food somehow tasting better at certain places)… Lol. Enjoy your day!

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