Parmi les Carnacois

I’m back from a long, long weekend (five days) in Carnac and it was just wonderful – green and sandy and windy and warm.  And it’s only an hour and a half outside of Nantes.  En voiture, Poupou!

We feasted like kings (Poupou, too!) on fresh fish, breton lobsters, and sweet langoustines from the fish market in La Trinité-sur-Mer.  A big Saint-Pierre prepared simply, with olive oil, white wine and shallots; lobster and langoustines dunked in boiling water then served cold and eaten with your hands.  Oh!  And pretty little radishes, dipped in salt and eaten in between bites of baguette.

But there was much more to appreciate, far beyond my dinner plate.  Morbihan is incredibly beautiful, whether by the coast or inland.  Unique to the area are its hundreds of menhirs (upright standing stones) and dolmens (megalithic tombs) which dot the landscape.  They’re relics from the Celts…and hm, Wikipedia explains it all quite well, really.  I’m in no mood to synthesize that information; my brain is mush.  During those five days I did little more than sleep, eat, read, tune in for Questions pour un champion at 18h05, and me balader en plein campagne.  La Chapelle de Saint-Cado was a short walk away, surrounded by flowers newly in bloom and…a house on the property was for sale!  And…who has a birthday coming up? (me! me!)  I certainly wouldn’t mind spending a lot more time in Carnac.

(Would you believe that I almost titled this post: “Back to the ‘nac”??  Oh la vaaaache…)


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