Week-end au Mans

One thing I had planned on doing before I even got to Nantes was making a trip to see my friend, Nadine, in Le Mans, whom I hadn’t seen in five or six years!  She spent her junior year of high school (my senior year) in California, away from her native Germany, and we just happened to be in the same French class!  There were only four students in our level and we were hidden away in a secret corner of the classroom to work independently.  Translation: we goofed off for the entire year, occasionally analyzing some Zola or Baudelaire.

Anyways, when I found out that she’d be studying in France the same time I was, we were determined to meet up!  And it turned out we were only two hundred kilometers apart.  So close, I’m surprised it took us this long!

So I headed to Le Mans with nothing in mind other than catching up with my friend.  And we did exactly that!  Le Mans isn’t a very touristy city at all, but a walk around the old town was surprisingly pleasant – we found quite a few cats and a jazz band rehearsing in a garden.  Ended the afternoon with some ice cream (pistachio for me, lemon for Nadine) and sat on the grass au parc Théodore-Monod before taking the tram back to her cité and making a very lovely dinner, to be discussed in delicious detail very soon!


2 thoughts on “Week-end au Mans

    1. I think that even its residents would tell you that Le Mans isn’t the most picturesque of towns, but there are some corners that are really fantastic. And the company was great, so I’ve no complaints!

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