Nadine and I opted for a dessert-first kind of dinner.  Maybe lacking in nutrition, but one hundred percent French!  We opted for a crêpe mix, and as punishment, the box patronized us…instructions were given in the first person singular, which was actually quite odd.  “Je laisse dorer l’autre face [de la crêpe].  Je garnis selon mes envies et je déguste ! / I allow the other side of the crêpe to turn golden-brown.  Then I decorate according to my own tastes and enjoy!”  Well, yes of course I’ll only put the kinds of things I want to eat on my crêpe!  Of course!  How silly…

By the time the batter was almost out, we were feeling a bit impatient (or were we?  the box didn’t tell us if we were or weren’t…), so Nadine poured the rest of the mix into the skillet and created what I think we called Big McCrêpe!  Then she forced me to take it.  I obliged, of course, but it was no easy task to tame ce monstre de crêpe!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Big McCrêpe (American) and Petit Saint-Crêpe (French).


3 thoughts on “Crêpes

  1. Lol, I like the dessert for dinner idea! 🙂 As for the big v small crepe. I will take the small one since the dough seems less thick. So which one tastes better to you two?

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