Libre comme un grand héron bleu

I forgot to mention that the real April Fool two Fridays ago was me!  I ignored the sun streaming in through my window before getting dressed for the day in my black, wool pea coat and…long-sleeved black thermal.  Hien?

Anyways, turned my paper in with a flourish last Tuesday, and have been with little to do other than show up for classes and savor my free time, which looks something like this…

Luckily, the sunshine wasn’t limited to the days that I was tethered to a table à la BU (Bibliothèque universitaire) and stuck around until today.  Last week I found myself wandering over to le Parc de la Gaudinière with fresh fruit (strawberries are finally showing up in the markets!), my birkenstocks, and a new book (Le Diable au corps by Raymond Radiguet…enjoying it so far).  Western Europe finally got around to setting its clocks back for spring, so I’ve been staying outdoors later, often strolling back to the cité for dinner around eight.

Speaking of dinner…here’s some breakfast!  For dinner!  Ever wonder what they call call French toast in France?  Pain perdu!  Lost bread, which I’m assuming has something to do with the bread getting lost in the eggy, milky, vanilla-cinnamony mixture before being fished out and dropped onto a hot pan.  Lovely, and I was glad to spread some Himbeere-Johannisbeere (raspberry and black currant) jelly on top, which was jarred fresh in Bavaria by Katharina’s mother.  Céline, Katharina and I made an unreasonably large quantity of pain perdu, which we nearly polished off, saving the rest for the next day’s breakfast.

Mmm…pain perdu à la him-joh!


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