Poisson d’avril

Yesterday I got a text message from Katharina (who was on her way to the airport to catch a flight to Dublin, lucky!) telling me to be sure to take the tram.  All I had on my schedule was a day spent at the campus  library working on my paper, to which I’d usually just take the bus, but Katharina sounded pretty insistent, so I took ligne 3 down to Commerce and ligne 2 back up to Faculté.  And I’m so glad I did because I fell victim to the cutest April Fools’ Day joke ever!

I had to make a little video to document the experience.  Now, normally the tram stops are announced by a semi-robotic female French voice…but today, kids’ voices came over the speakers!  It was so sweet, especially at the main stop, Commerce, where a choir of young and heavily French-accented children recited in unison.

It was the perfect April Fools’ joke for Nantes to play.  Cute and harmless, but effective!  Everyone who boarded the tram took notice and smiled.  Passive-aggressive, French, perfect.


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