Desde la Barceloneta a Montjuïc

I headed east to La Barceloneta to finally get a glimpse of the Mediterranean.  And it was magnificent!

Besides the sea, you’ve got to go to Bo de B!  It seems like every single American in Barcelona lined up outside the shop for one of their massive sandwiches.  Mine came with tortilla (omelet)…and about five hundred other things, including tomato, lettuce, onions, bell peppers, corn, lentils, fresh herbs, two sauces – I’m sure I’m missing a few dozen other ingredients.  It was definitely worth the wait…I love sandwiches!

Next on the itinerary was Montjuïc – a long walk from Barceloneta, but a quick, fun ride by way of cable car!  A bit expensive, but it offered a great view of the city, mountains, and sea.

Fondació Joan Miró, the art museum honoring the fantastic Joan Miró, was a real highlight and reason enough to go to Montjuïc.  I’ve been studying Surrealist art in one of my classes, so it was interesting to get to see some of Miró’s pieces up close, not to mention to see how his style evolved over the course of his long career.  Finished up the day with a café con leche and what looks like some Miró-inspired latte art!


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