One of the best parts of exploring Barcelona was getting to sample lots of wonderful fruits and vegetables.  My friend was an excellent resource and a vegetarian too, so he knew exactly where to go for lunch – Juicy Jones!

They had lots of great vegetarian things on the menu, and I opted for a sandwich with baked tofu, avocado and a ginger sauce, among other things. And from their extensive juice menu (pages and pages!), I chose kiwi orange, which I know for a fact was fresh because it took nearly a half hour for me to get it, as they had run out of kiwis and needed to go buy more!  When it did arrive, it was a brilliant green and so, so refreshing.

From there we headed to La Boqueria, one of Barcelona’s main attractions.  Surely you’ve seen photos of the market’s heaping piles of fresh fruits and vegetables and its tall stacks of brightly colored juices (delicious and fun to try, though perhaps a bit less “whole fruit” and a lot more sugar and food coloring).

Though for all their vitamins and minerals, there are of course some fruits and vegetables to be eaten only sparingly…


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