Mon retour

I thought it wise to drop in and say hi if even only briefly, because I don’t think I ever got around to mentioning the fact that I’d be in Barcelona for six days!  I barely had time to pack, let alone make a little post saying hasta luego, guapos!  And I really would have liked to have said something after having received such lovely comments…it was such a surprise!  Though, truth be told, I did have to google “Freshly Pressed.”  Oups!

So, hello!  Thanks for the kind words!  But back to the matter at hand: getting up my last few photos from southern Spain!  Just a few superfluous shots, mainly of the sky – after so many weeks of gray, cloudy skies in Nantes, I think I got a bit obsessed with craning my neck upwards and seeing azul, azul, azul!

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “Mon retour

  1. Thanks for your southern Spain! These are interesting images and I have downloaded some orange ones. Nice shots anyways.

    Nantes – how far is this from Spain.

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