With one day left to explore Spain, we thought it’d be best to just take it easy and have a relaxing day in Sevilla.  So we looked at a map of the city and pointed ourselves in a new direction.  We ended up at La Alameda de Hércules, a public garden, great for strolling and having a cup of coffee.  Maybe a pizza, too, especially if there are delicious Spanish olives on top (really, I’d never liked olives until this trip!).



One thought on “Relájate

  1. […] Buenas migas Posted in Food, Study abroad, Traveling by Sarah on March 22, 2011 Buenas Migas is really the perfect name for this small Barcelona chain, specializing in focaccia and scones (vale, vale).  And it’s the perfect place for a quick breakfast on a weekday morning.  After quite a few sugary breakfasts, I couldn’t pass up the focaccia de verduras.  Though inarguably Italian, my focaccia was topped with some lovely Spanish olives, with which I’d first fallen in love two months earlier in Sevilla. […]

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