Pastelería española

I’ll admit.  I’m completely spoiled in France when it comes to pastries.  But, being a considerate person of infinite curiosity, I was more than willing to give Spanish pastries a try.  So here are a few pictures of my conquests!

Then one morning I picked up this cinnamon sugary-looking treat.

But looks can be deceiving.  I took a bite, hoping for something sweet and nutty, but instead, tasted nothing but…pork.  Qué?  Yes, that’s right, pork!  How odd!  At first my parents didn’t believe me, but my dad took a bite and concluded, “yep, that’s chitterlings.”  Oh, as if it being pork wasn’t bad enough.  Sprinkled atop my breakfast and scratching down my throat, were “chitterlings.”  I put my knife and fork down, and didn’t pick them back up again until dinner.  Eurgh…


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