I’d heard the word “tapas” before traveling to Spain, but my knowledge of Spanish food really didn’t extend much beyond that.  So one of my goals of the trip was to really get a good understanding of Andalusian food.  I did a bit of research and mapped the route to Taberna Coloniales at Plaza Cristo de Burgos.  Grabbed a table outside and tried to lisp my way through the menu.

First, I chose a Fanta de naranja.  Not that I hadn’t had a Fanta before…I just really wanted one.  And after only a few sips, the first of our tapas started to arrive – Papas a la Brava, fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce and alioli.  Then came Tortilla de Camarones, which is an omelet made with chickpea flour, wheat flower, chives, parsley and shrimp – very crunchy and very good!  Following that was Revuelto de Habas, or scrambled eggs with broad beans.  Going off of its name on the menu, we didn’t think this plate would have any meat in it, but as soon as we saw it, we recognized that renowned Spanish ham…which my dad enjoyed eating as my mom and I battled for the remaining broad beans.  Our last plate was a tabla…de…something.  I can’t remember the name.  It featured many different smoked fishes and marinated bell peppers.  Everything was really lovely, and a perfect introduction to real Spanish food!


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