Second on our itinerary was Córdoba, a short train ride east of Sevilla.  A smaller city than Sevilla, but where Córdoba lacked in people it more than made up for the difference in…oranges!  So many oranges!  Teams of workers were all over town picking millions of oranges out of the trees and throwing them into huge bags like the one in the photo below.  Though they smell wonderful and look absolutely lovely, these oranges really are too bitter to be edible.  Not that I learned that from experience.  Nope!

Córdoba’s main attraction is the Mezquita…originally a Christian church, it was later converted into a mosque (which explains the abundant Moorish influences) before being taken over once again by Spanish Catholics.  Really, an incredible piece of architecture.  We explored it for a few hours.

The second day that we were in Córdoba, we just happened to stumble upon the Palacio de los Marqueses de Viana.  Lucky us!  There were some really beautiful patios, so I’m glad the weather allowed us the opportunity to wander around in them!  I wish I could be back to visit in the springtime.  I’m sure it would be fantastic with lots of flowers in bloom!

As for food in Córdoba, as in the rest of Andalucía, sometimes it was tough to find a sufficiently vegetarian meal (with some ham does not qualify, not even just a smack!  ha-ha!).  But once we explained our defect to our always understanding waiters, we were brought this on a pretty regular basis.  I didn’t get the chance to learn the name though, as it would just arrive with no more prompting than a weak “¿vegetariano?”  Very good, anyways!  Lots of nice vegetables!


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