Realizing we had both cabin fever and the opposite of cabin fever (gazebo pox?  sorry, I know, I know…shouldn’t have even tried), Shelly and I once again thought it better to brave the cold, so on Christmas Eve, we jumped on a train to the teeny tiny village of Cromford to see the sites – Cromford Mill!  Cromford Canal!  Cromford Wharf!  And things seemed promising from the start…the train station looked like Hogwarts!  So if anything, I could spend a few hours living out my Harry Potter dreams.

Quaint and picturesque, it was wonderful to get to see England outside of its biggest cities.  If I’m ever in the market for summer homes, and in the future, I picture myself with no less than eleven or twelve, I would certainly consider Cromford!  So charming!

But we didn’t just look at a train schedule and decided to come to Cromford haphazardly.  No, no, we came with a mission, one far more nerdy than hoping to befriend Luna Lovegood or Ron Weasley while waiting on the platform for the Hogwarts Express (yikes, or maybe not).  Wait for it…


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