Peak times

Backpack packed, out the door by 5, at Luton by 6, flight to Barcelona canceled by 6:05.  Oh, lovely.

That snow I thought would melt by morning, turned out not only to be the kind of snow that doesn’t melt by morning, but also the kind that cancels flights to warm, Mediterranean destinations.

Well, Shelly and I suddenly found ourselves with a whole lot more time to spend in England, as nearly all flights were grounded and trains through the Chunnel were standing room after hours of queuing.  So then the question was: what are two friends to do in London, having already exhausted all potential ideas?  The answer: Bookshops.  (a-haaaah!  bet you didn’t see that one coming!)

My personal goal was to find a book by P.G. Wodehouse, a task which ended up being just too simple as Wodehouse is both a popular and prolific writer.  “Carry On, Jeeves” now sits proudly on my shelf, a bit taller than the others (as all French poches are the same, small size).  How distinguished!  Haven’t cracked the spine yet, but I will soon, I say!  I say!

Foyles at Charing Cross Road was a particularly fun place to spend the day.  Shelves and shelves of books, and a great café upstairs that serves wonderful lattes and vegan food!  Ah yum!

And I found a nice, linguistic-y fifty pence piece (complete with IPA notation)!!  What a nice day!


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