Vi har det svårt här i Sverige

The last thing that I need to be doing is taking new pictures when I have hundreds still to post here, but a quick trip to Ikea proved to be rather inspirational…or at least it inspired me to buy lots of Swedish snacks.

Things like…moose pasta!  Whole-wheat moose-shaped pasta, I just cannot resist.

And cloudberry jam!  I first tried cloudberries in Sweden last year (as it’s one of the few places both cold and dry enough to grow them) and was really excited to find this on the shelf.

And a huge box of oat cookies!  And now I can say “kakor havreflarn” in so many languages!  What an educational purchase!  Javisst!

I am proud (yes, really) to say that I snatched up the very last bag of Ahlgrens bilar. And I know that people tend to use silly action verbs like “snatched” to convince themselves that they’re an interesting and dynamic writer, even though “snatching” is not really an action that many people actually perform, but I can assure you that when I saw that sole bag of bilar sitting there in the Ikea market, I snatched it up.

I’m really quite defensive, aren’t I?


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