So not only am I treated to a delicious dinner every other Wednesday, but Anne-Marie, André and Pou-pou also take all the UW students on three day trips to various historical and cultural sites in northern France.

The first was a trip to Saint-Malo (and Mont-Saint-Michel…but that’ll be up a bit later), where we walked around the fortified part of the city, which was destroyed during WWII, but was restored to its near-original condition over the following twelve years.  And on a nice October day, it’s a wonderful place to take photos and explore (a verb I have been really overusing lately!).

And Saint-Malo offers not only a treat for the eyes, but for the belly…ah, my favorite kind of treat!  I had been anticipating this meal for, well, a long time.  Cidre and…moules frites (mussels and fries)!!  So wonderful and so worth the long bus ride there!

(it really feels quite silly to be making updates about things that have happened so long ago now, but uhh…)


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