Thanksgiving à la française

Well, I can say now that I’ve spent my first holiday abroad.  And more importantly, it was really nice!  But was it like a traditional Thanksgiving?  No.  Perfect!

The first difference: no time.  My Thursday classes start at eight and end at six, with a weird four hour long break in the middle which is usually spent with an espresso and Le Nouvel Obs.  The second difference: no preparation.  I  remembered a few days ago that this Thursday was Thanksgiving.  And I only decided the day of that I wanted to try and do something.  With no oven.

The third difference: Fraaaance!  Ah right, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here!  Beyond the fact that I don’t eat turkey, neither do most French people, though they’ll gladly eat sliced ham at every meal.  So it was time to improvise a bit.

Instead of turkey (or tofurky, as the last few years have featured), I had a nice salmon quiche.  As a nod to a more traditional meal, there were potatoes and green beans, and leeks, which I’ve really been enjoying here.  And for dessert, tarte aux pommes (because it’s almost apple pie!) and a chocolate cake.  Oh, and cidre from Brittany!  All enjoyed on the ugliest counter-top in all of France!  Yes, I’m thankful.


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