War vor atao

I bought a ticket to Quimper back in October, but couldn’t find the time to make the five-hour round-trip until this past Friday.  Waking up to catch the train for six fifty was a bit tough, though even tougher was waking up to get on the train that left at six fifteen…so difficult that I didn’t even bother, and instead slept straight through my alarm.  But a call from my kind but maybe a bit annoyed friend who was waiting at the train station woke me up and I was with boundless energy and effortless speed all the way à la gare SNCF de Nantes…that is, until I got seated on the train, at which point, I promptly fell asleep.

Quimper was wonderful, and now, having caught up on my sleep, I am happy for the extra hours the early train gave me to spend in town.  A bit rainy, but there was lots of nice time to spend in cafés with espresso and chocolat chaud and muffins (aussi au chocolat, oui oui oui).


3 thoughts on “War vor atao

    1. Actually, with the exception of one short trip to Angers, I’ve always traveled with my friend Matt (“kind but maybe a bit annoyed”). But that’ll change as he’s heading back to Seattle in less than a week!

      And I never really mention him in posts because I know just how weirded out he’d be by it.

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