L’automne en France

I’ve not been very interesting lately.  Which is not to say that I haven’t been doing interesting things (quite the opposite, in fact!).  But I haven’t been doing a very good job keeping this thing updated with all of the interesting things I have been doing.  And since there is no adjective more interesting than “interesting,” and no noun more precise than “thing,” I will go ahead and tell you about the interesting things I did today.

As you wouldn’t know, since I haven’t yet told you, I don’t have class on Fridays, which leaves me tons of time to relax, wander around town, or travel around France.  If you’d been wondering when I found the time to visit Saint-Nazaire, Angers, Pornic, and a few other places about which I’ve yet to make posts, well, there’s your answer: vendredi sans cours!

Free time to get to know Nantes has done some good, because it turns out I was terribly (humorously) lost my first couple of weeks in France.  Going to Parc de la Gaudinière is a five minute walk entirely on the street on which I live, but somehow the first time I tried to get there, it took thirty minutes, and I got a bit lost in a cemetery first.

But I’ve learned the way by now.  So today I was in search of autumn leaves, which was both an easy and enjoyable task.

I found a really big pile of leaves.  A really big, really tempting pile of leaves.

Then I found a rooster walking around, which I guess makes sense since the rooster is the emblem of France, but it really doesn’t make thaaat much sense.

And what do French roosters say (I know you’re wondering)?  Co-co-rico!


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