Wednesdays with Anne-Marie

So maybe there’s no soy jerky in Nantes, but that’s not to say that I’m not eating well.  In fact, every other Wednesday for the past six weeks, I’ve eaten really, really well!

Anne-Marie is the mother of a professor in the French department at UW, who graciously hosts UW students each year in her beautiful (beautiful!) flat in downtown Nantes.  She, her husband André, and their charming Brittany Spaniel, Pou-pou, have been incredibly welcoming and generous, and dinner with them on Wednesday nights is something I anticipate, well, from the moment the previous dinner is over.

Yum…tomates à la provençale!  Anne-Marie kindly always prepares a meal that accommodates my unfortunate and at times offensive-to-the-French (no meat! and no cheese! mon dieu, quelle injustice!) dietary idiosyncrasies.  But for this, I have endured my fair share of taunting at the dinner table but an armistice is typically declared by the time dessert is served.  Which is course number…five?  six?

Voilà Pou-pou, la mignonne!


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