Exceedingly good

I was at the grocery store a few days ago (buying candy…uhh) when “San Francisco Bay Blues” came on the radio.  I haven’t experienced much homesickness so far, but hearing that song got me thinking about home and days spent in the city.  And conveniently (!!), I had the good sense to remember a day that I’ve been meaning to make a post about for, gee, two months.  Whatever, here we go!

After two hours in our usual coffee shop, trying to write an unusual med school app, Shelly and I decided to head out to San Francisco with her sister to do n’importe quoi.  We dropped her off in Seacliff at the VA Hospital, and it wasn’t long until stopping for lunch became the topic of discussion.  In even less time, we both agreed that it was absolutely necessary to make the drive back out to Chinatown for militant-vegan-super-cult meal number two.  But this time, featuring eggplant tofu and chow fun with soy jerky – miam miam!  Though, it goes without saying that this type of meal is not easily found in France.

But!  Miracle of all miracles, yesterday I found tofu!  Firm tofu!  Ahhh!  A truly exciting moment!  And of nearly equal importance…I’ve finally bought milk!  My first week in France I made the mistake of buying milk with the word “fermenté” on the bottle (yep, that’s a cognate!), which scared me so profoundly, that it’s taken me a month to try again.  And maybe I still think it’s weird that the French don’t keep milk refrigerated, but I can put all of that aside because I’ve found non-fat milk and muesli!

But, back to that lovely day in August.  After lunch, Shelly and I drove up and down the Great Highway, until the moving target (Shelly’s sister, who kept walking a block this way, and a block that way) called, requesting a ride.  We got stuck in Friday traffic on the Bay Bridge, and danced to Punjabi music all the way back home (Daaaaarshan!).

So, San Francisco Bay, while I may miss you from time to time, I’m really quite happy here in Nantes and have no intention of leaving any time soon.  Well, except for all the traveling I’ve got planned for the next few months…oups alors!


3 thoughts on “Exceedingly good

  1. Sooo i just got time to read your blogs!

    AND I LOVE THIS! 🙂 im glad you found tofu. cant wait to experiment with cooking when i get there!!

  2. Hi! Just added you to my blogroll. I love that you are from SF Bay Area and living in France! I would love to do that someday soon or just visit France… 🙂

    1. Well, thanks so much!

      I hope that you get the chance to, too! As you can probably tell, I’m having just too good a time here (though I do miss the Bay from time to time), and I can only imagine how much you’d love it, given your great appreciation of food!

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